Beyond the typology of your company in the Real Estate Sector, we want to help you to positioning yourself an origin and not only in destination, in the potentially most interesting Markets for you and your company. In order to proceed with this task, we will identify the best way to positioning your company in your target Markets. This will differentiate you from the rest of the competition in the Sector in such nowadays social and economic context. It is critical to have strong presence abroad in order to be able to endure the constant changes in the local Market and the so strong unfair competition. This strategy will provide you  the appropriate way to increase the quantity and quality of potential customers already from origin.


We want to help you to:

  • Search and approach to selected target markets, projecting a Plan of Actions at origin through the design and realization of specific strategies.
  • Plan and carry out the search of collaborations with local Real Estate Agencies, compatible  with your company.
  • Search of Agents in origin.
  • Evaluate the convenience of opening offices in the Target markets, if necessary.
  • Define a specific Plan of Actions for Internationalization and Foreign Promotion of your company.
  • Positioning your web page optimally in the big searching engines of the selected target Markets, evaluating the execution of specific campaigns and achieving the “digital internationalization” of your company.
  • Close commercial agreements with Real Estate Agencies in origin.
  • Increase the number of customers potentially interested in your portfolio.

We will help you to take the best decision and open Markets, in order to get the most of your company.