Beyond the typology of your company, product or activity, we aim to positioning your company at origin and not only locally, at the most important target Markets for your Sector, identifying the best ways for positioning you products and  / or services at both, origin and destination. This strategy will differentiate you from your competitors, wheather this is: Real Estate, Nautical, Textil, New Technologies, Agri-food, others.

In nowadays social-economical changeable context, such strategy will provide your company new and stronger possibilities. Your customer must familiarize and get to know your company, products and  / or services already from home, from his workplace, giving you then chance of optimizing and monitoring  easier and faster the quality and quantity of the contacts. It will help you as well to not to depend on the high season in Mallorca, finding ways for the deseasonalitation.

We aim to help you to:

  • Search and approach your target markets  achieving a Plan of Actions at origin, through a professional design and evaluation of facts.
  • Evaluating the situation of your company to face the Internationalization, focusing specially on the human resources and marketing tools.
  • Define a Strategic Plann of actions and Promotion in the target markets.
  • Research  and plann possible partnerships with local companies – signing collaboration contracts when necessary.
  • Research Local Agents.
  • Evaluating the necessity to open Offices at destination.
  • Positioning optimally your internet presence in the major search engines of the target countries,  evaluating the convenience of making specific campaigns in order to reach the “digital  internationalization” of your company.
  • Others.