Consulting: InternationalizationExport / International Promotion strategy:

Working together, we will guide you through the difficult process of evaluation, research, design and decide the best Internationalization Plan for your company. We will advice you as well about the best strategy to opening markets abroad for your company, and we will help you to identify the best ways to positioning your products and / or services in the target Markets. To achieve this goal, we propose you the following guideline:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of your company and products , focusing on first instance on their export capacity and their potential in the selected target markets.
  • Assessment of existing technical and human resources, as well as any possible implementations or improvements to be made.
  • Market research, finding and analyzing the needed information, depending on the target markets.
  • Preparation of the market strategy and a specific Plan of Actions – budget.
  • Setting of a timetable / calendar of actions through the Strategy Plan.
  • Support for finding information about aid , grants or funding to support the Internationalization of the company.
  • Others.