Internationalization / Exportation Strategy / Agroalimentary Foreign Promotion Plan:
At First Export, we know very well the importance of the Agri-Food Sector in the Spanish business context, as well as its different peculiarities and, sometimes, conditioning factors. After more than a decade devoted to foreign trade and having traveled all over the world performing this performance , we are in a position to offer a complete and extremely professional service to companies in the agri-food sector, often in need of a more personal, specific and human treatment.

We have contacts all over the world, with special emphasis in the European Market, where we have achieved significant results and customer satisfaction quotes; There is no greater reward than to see the evolution of the products and their positive effect on the economy of family businesses.

Working together, we guide you through the complex process of market analysis, we take an active part in the search for distribution, design, decision making and implementation of the International Strategic Plan or Market opening for your company. To achive this goals and always hand on hand with you, we propose you the following script:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of your company and products, focusing in first instance on their export capacity and their potential target markets.
  • Valuation of existing technical and human resources, as well as in possible implementations or improvements.
  • Search for information and analysis of it, depending on the target markets.
  • Preparation of the strategy and steps to follow, depending on the specific Plan approved.
  • Determination of budgets.
  • Preparation of a calendar and Plan of Actions.
  • Support or even active part in the execution of Plan of Actions / trips.
  • Support for the search of information about grants, subsidies or financing to support the Internationalization of the company.
  • Others.