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First Export is a company located on the island of Mallorca, specialized in the Internationalization of Spanish, Mallorcan and Balearic companies and in the design of strategic Plans of Internationalization, Export and Foreign Promotion, by Sector.

We advice as well companies that are following Internationalization Programs through the ICEX and we also have collaborated with the ICEX Delegation itself, in the Balearic Islands.

Besides leading a unique project of shared Export Management of the agri- food sector in the Balearic Islands, we are specialized in Internationalization Consulting of other highly important Sectors for our society. On the one hand, we unify a group of highly representative producers of the agri- food Sector, in order to look with strength and consistency abroad. Moreover, we help companies of other Sectors in the difficult task of; evaluating, designing, implementing and executing Export and international Promotion Plans in their target markets. Outsourcing our Services, we offer many advantages to our clients, working hand on hand with them.

The internationalization of companies, services and / or products, combining their strength to our extensive experience and career and to the power of our Brand, is our passion and only aim.

Working in different Sectors, we help companies of all kinds to find their way in the foreign Markets; agrifood, yachting, new technologies, textile, Real Estate, etc…

We develope the Internacionalization through the union of companies with a same goal, working in an specific way, creating a concrete strategy, designing and putting into place specific Plans of Action, in order to work appropriately and to lead to a stronger image of Spain and Mallorca abroad.

What do we do?

  • We offer solutions to the shortfall of promotion of quality Spanish, Mallorcan and Balearic products in the international Markets.

  • We join together a strong team , combining efforts and goals , commitment to quality, diversity and differentiation of our Spanish or Mallorca – Brand and products.

  • We Outsorce our Services, giving many advantages to our clients.

  • We seek for international distribution for all companies of the agri-food sector we work with.

  • We help companies from many sectors to; analyze, evaluate , design, implement and execut specific strategic plans for the internationalization of the company.

  • Speaking fluently five lenguages, we are able to give always the most in a natural and efficient way..

  • Internazionalitation through the union of companies with the same goal. This unique strategy and sustainable strategy seeks to promote and strenghthen the image of Spain and Mallorca Internationally.

How do we do it?

  • With conviction and determination.
  • Outsourcing our Professional Services.
  • With the experience and know-how of over a decade of exclusive dedication to the Internationalization.
  • Working together; working as a team, will  lead to individual success.
  • Cooperating with representative companies Europe Wide, with trust and confidence, looking forwards and with open minds.

Our aims

  • Projecting correctly and internationally the image of Spain and Mallorca, in order to get the most of each market for you.
  • Finding new markets to face.
  • Promoting the deseasonalisation and finding ways to sustainability.
  • Building new bridges between Spain, Mallorca and the world, with imagination and determination.
  • Breaking the barriers of insularity, introducing to the international markets the exclusivity, authenticity, competitiveness and quality of Spanish, Mallorcan and Balearic products.